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Testimonial: Brian Vassallo

Posted by admin on June 4, 2015
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Buying a home can be a stressful endeavor. It starts with a loan pre-approval process, moves to the home search, the bidding process; sometimes the losing process, escrow and then finally, you are moving in. When Sheri and I found Keith Kelley we thought it was by accident – it turned out to be meant to be. We decided to go the house hunting phase by ourselves at the start. One of the first houses we called on though was an Inman Team listing of Keith’s. Keith came out to meet us and got us and our entire family in to see the house; it was then that we decided he was going to be our agent. We lost in the bidding process on that house but Keith made us a promise that he would find us the perfect home.

I am a demanding customer. My line of work is not all that dissimilar from the real estate industry. My clients are demanding of me and I expect someone to work as hard for me as I do for my clients. I build relationships with my clients and I like to work with people who do the same. We instantly bonded with Keith, he made time for Sheri and I, patiently answered our silliest questions, took our calls while he was on vacation and tirelessly searched for a home that met our needs.

We have bought and sold homes in North Carolina, Florida and Pennsylvania over the years and I can’t remember the names of the realtors we worked with. We will never forget Keith Kelley and The Inman Team in San Pedro for helping us find our amazing home.

To build a strong relationship I believe you have to get to know someone; you have to like them and you have to trust them. Sheri and I know Keith Kelley; we like him a ton (at closing I may have told him I loved him) and most of all we trust Keith Kelley. Like I said, buying a home can be a stressful endeavor; it is a process – and it’s one that as long as I am in Southern California, I will be doing with Keith Kelley.

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